Courtney: Awkward...

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Hmm.. Well.. *coughs* Erm, this is awkard.



Shirt: New Look
Bodysuit: ASOS
Pants: Aliexpress
Sandals: eBay & DIY
Sunglasses: Aliexpress
Choker: Aliexpress
Clutch: New Look

Yes, peeps we are back. I feel really awkward and pretty embarrassed that we've been away for so long, but life, right? It gets in the way. That's the closest I'm getting to an excuse reason for our absence cos I honestly don't have one! *covers eyes*

I'm all about mirrored sunglasses right now, thanks to my style icon, Rihanna (perfect for covering my eyes lol). And of course the ubiquitous fur sliders. Although it's funny because I actually started making these a year ago after seeing a similar pair on one of my favourite bloggers, Maria Pearl.

Anyway, I'm gonna call it quits now cos I'm so rusty, I don't even know what to say!

Later, folks!

Courtney .x.

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